Friday, June 26, 2009

So close and yet...

Explanation for the new blog name: It happened like this. After a couple weeks of mulling it over, I finally landed on a name I liked for my blog. I called it The Momalogues. I checked around and the name was not yet taken, so I figured I would snatch it up. I tell you, it was just as hard as naming my kids. Anywho - I get this email shortly after I get this blog thing going. It's very mysterious. "Anonymous" has asked me to email him/her at an email that was very similar to my blog name. So I did. And I went on to check out his/her website. The url was exactly four letters off from mine. Not a big me. So I'm curious about this person and click on their profile.

Yes, well...turns out to be a she, and she is a self-proclaimed Jesus freak who is "vigilant about protecting her property". She notes that she has TRADEMAKED the name of her website. This is fine because my blog name is technically different than her website. But she goes on to state that in trademarking her website name, she also has a trademark on any name that sounds like, looks like, or smells like hers. Across ALL genres. A search on blog trademarks tells me that it is slightly possible, but unlikely.

Look, I am vigilant about protecting my property as well, but I would feel a bit ridiculous searching the world for houses that looks similar to mine and demanding the tenants vacate immediately. But here's the thing. I hadn't unpacked yet and just found out my neighbor is a bit um..."difficult", so I decided to move out and let the next tenant deal with her. There goes the neighborhood.

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