Thursday, July 16, 2009

Funniest Five Momfinitions

1) McGuyverMom – A mom who can craft toys, snacks, first aid supplies, and entertainment using only the contents of her diaper bag/purse. Example: “Today I McguyverMommed a bandaid out of a sticker and the corner of a diaper”

2) FreefoodLoader – A mom who takes her kids to stores that hand out free food samples and uses that as a meal. Example: (overheard by store employee) “Oh look. It’s 12:30 – here come all the FreefoodLoading moms for lunch now….”

3) Momnesia – A disorder that strikes new moms, causing them to find themselves wearing slippers to work, giving a bottle to the 8 year old and a juice box to the 6 month old and host of other funny and not so funny mishaps. Example: “Did you hear about Sally’s Momnesia? Apparently she went to the store wearing her bra OVER her shirt. The poor dear….”

4) UhOh! – The sound a child makes before all h-e-double hockeysticks breaks loose. Usually involves the spilling of something red or purple, the breaking of something sentimental, or a bodily function performed after child has secretly removed their own diaper in another room. No example necessary.

5) Intiminoid – The distinct feeling you get when having romantic moments with your significant other that one of the kids will barge in at any moment. Example: (parents are enjoying some alone time after kids have gone to bed) MOM: “What was that? Did you hear that? I think I heard Billy Jr. call for me” DAD: “C’mon now…stop being so intiminoid!”

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